The activity of the Company started In Italy more than 50 years ago. The company is specialized in various groups of hardware products to be used as furniture accessories, doors and Windows accessories, bathroom accessories and shop fittings.

The priority goal of the Company is to give to our customers the best service and the correct quality-price relation.

The mission of the company is to study the market and its tendencies, to establish which new products are needed and to verify the technical possibilities of manufacturing.

Once the market survey is done, the company proceeds to design the Products, to manufacture the prototypes and to produce the manufacturing tools accordingly. The Company has manufacturing plants in various parts of the globe and it may obtain the best production costs while maintaining the standards of quality required by the markets. The product, or part of it, will be manufactured in the plant that offers the maximum results, taking into consideration labour costs, manufacturing technology, availability of raw materials and the consumer markets.

The Company offers its products to customers through a network of salesmen and consumers will find the products available at many distributors in Italy, Europe and throughout the World.